Eminem dies in car

Eminem dead in car accident


TOP STORIES - Rap Singer Eminem died this morning in a terrible car crash.The cause of this horrible accident was blamed for the cell phone that he was using when riding in his car.It is thought that he was not paying attention when he swerved into an oncoming truck.

He was brought to a hospital in critical condition, but he died from bleeding to death."There was really nothing we could do to help him"said Dr. Adams who was taking care of Eminem at the time.We will always remember Eminem from his music and his words.MTV will be having a special memorial program for him.

"First it's Pac then it's Biggie then Eminem"said Snoop Dogg,another famous rap singer.


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Italian - renaissance moves online

The Italian language: an introduction

Italian is the closest of the Latin-based languages and more similar to Latin than French, Spanish, Portuguese or Romanian - standard Italian is regarded as that from Florence though there are many dialects throughout italy.
How many speakers are there of the Italian language?

There are 60 million speakers of Italian including Italy itself - but also people in Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Argentina and Brazil.
What Italian language issues do I need to watch out for?

Italian has no accents to cause concern and just 21 letters in its alphabet. A good knowledge of Italian is the most essential skill required.
Which major search engines are important to Italian speakers?

* Google Italy
* Yahoo Italy
* Libero
* Virgilio.it

Which paid search engines target the Italian-speaking world?


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March 24, 2004
Online advertising in Italy: a question mark

IAB Italia released yesterday the results of a research on online advertising in 2003. The study, developed with the support of PricewaterhouseCoopers, states the the Italian market has grown by 4 percent in 2003 with a total spending worth 103,4 million Euro.
It is particularly interesting to analyse the elements which compone the expenditure. The results are rather interlocutory: ad banners have declined by 16.8 percent, as well as SMS promotions (-29 percent), while email marketing and newsletter sponsorships have increased by 30.1 percent.
Let me say it, I'm leaving in a strange country. If I want to work in the new media advertising industry I have to move somewhere else...





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