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The planning and implementation of Web Marketing campaigns and individual SEO advice are a focus of our daily work: SEO positioning
What is SEO positioning?

Under SEO positioning we cosider specific placement of websites in top search engine positions for relevant queries.
What brings SEO positioning?

More than 90% of all Internet users search for products and services by use of search engines .Usually, the choice will be on the first two results pages.

SEO positioning gives your page high ranking in the major search engines for relevant results. In addition, SEO positioning is the most effective form of online advertising.
How does SEO positioning works?

In order to obtain qualified traffic from search engines in the field, we Webpositioning proven tools available: From the technical search engine optimization, which increase the link popularity and the creation of optimized ranking pages, for example, the contents of a shop database to show paid keyword Search engine advertising (sponsored links).
How can the success of a campaign Webpositioning measured?

The success of a SEO positioning campaign can easily be reached on the ranking in search engines and on the (increased) access and sales figures measured. In addition, we offer our customers a platform to monitor the progress requests positions available.


Serbian language search marketing
Serbian - language of the former Yugoslavia

The Serbian language: an introduction

Serbian is a member of the slavi family and was formerly the main language of Yugoslavia - now focused in Serbia itself.
How many speakers are there of the Serbian language?

Serbian is the language of 9 million people in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Croatia. It is closely related to Croatian and is largely the same language written in the Cyrillic alphabet, although many Serbs can also read the language in the Latin alphabet.
What Serbian language issues do I need to watch out for?

As a slavic language, Serbian is inflected in the same way as Russian. Note that the Serbian alphabet is not entirely the same as that used by Russian - as 9 Russian letters are missing and Serbian has 6 letters of its own.
Which major search engines are important to Serbian speakers?

* Krstarica
* Google Serbia
* Pogodak

Which paid search engines target the Serbian-speaking world?


Google Adwords






Serbia - Top Gaining Queries: March 2012

1. birds
2. stolarija (woodworking joints)
3. bor (city and coal mine in eastern Serbia)
4. bmw 2008
5. foto berza (photo stock)

6. manutd (Manchester United)
7. nokia 6500 slide
8. maskenbal (masquerade)
9. basshunter (Swedish musician)
10. devil may cry (hack and slash action game)

11. mapa beograd (map of Belgrade)
12. goku and vegeta (manga fictional charachters)
13. crvena jabuka (Bosnian pop band from 80s)
14. new york times
15. zdrava ishrana (healthy nutrition)

Serbia - Top Gaining Queries: April 2008

1. ljubavni kalkulator (love calculator)
2. q7
3. sladoled (ice cream)
4. gohan (manga character)
5. vremenska prognoza novi sad (weather forecast for Novi Sad)

6. bull terrier
7. klime (air condition)
8. CRVENA ZVEZDA (Serbian football club)
9. range rover
10. eros ramazzotti

11. etno selo (ethno village)
12. kladionica mozzart (betting brand)
13. aids
14. delta city beograd (shopping mall in Belgrade)
15. aquarium


Serbia - Top Gaining Queries: May 2008

1. lenny kravitz (Lenny had concert in Beogradu, Arena)
2. muske frizure (men's haistyles)
3. kamini (fireplaces)
4. johnny deep
5. flora

6. michel brown
7. dragonball gt (Japanese anime)
8. tesla
9. agencija (agency)
10. apatinska pivara (Serbian brewery)

11. abba
12. VIP
13. forumi (forums)
14. moj stan (home decoration magazine)
15. crvene beretke (red berets)


Serbia - Top Gaining Queries: June 2008

1. ljubavno gnezdo (love nest)
2. air max 360
3. tribalfootball (football news portal)
4. zavod za statistiku (Statistical office)
5. renault clio

6. evropsko prvenstvo u fudbalu (European football championship)
7. china
8. natasha klauss (Colombian actress)
9. nea vrasna (village on the Aegean sea)
10. Love







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*Basshunter is the artist behind the singels 'Boten Anna' and 'DotA'. His real name is Jonas Altberg and resides in Sweden.


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